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Partner Massage and Stretch Workshop

Massage and Stretch Workshop with Natalya Sysyn & Yogi Roo Wednesday, January 24th 8:00-9:30pm Cost: $18 Come build deeper connections through touch and care at our first 'Massage and Stretch Workshop' at Release Studio. To sign up for this workshop please click the link below: About the class: There is something so kind and therapeutic in helping someone Release their tension. The gratitude exchanged when one person helps another alleviate pain or strain is a deep one. In this workshop, we will share mental and physical tools intended to help you better share your gift. We will learn and practice some partner stretches basic massage techniques. We will also off how to effectively communicate with your partner to ensure that they are receiving the healing massage you are intending.

PLEASE NOTE: *You are not required to come with a partner.* **We do request you arrive with a clean intention of sharing caring touch with another human** Techniques covered: *Effleurage-light or deep stroking, done up the limbs towards heart *Petrisage-kneading *Tapotement-hacking or slapping About our teachers: Yogi Roo~ Her mission is to provide love and guidance to yogis in their pursuit of their gifts, their passions. She works to provide a space for yogis to show love to each other and themselves. She hopes to provide a safe place for her community to explore the unknown and find compassion and growth. Share the lightness, heal ourselves and heal each other. Natalya Sysyn~ Natalya began her studies in Yoga, in 2001. She studied with Rhonda Fogel for 2-3 years in Vancouver in the first years of her healing path before she moved back to the states.

She attained her 200 YT certification from Yoga Institute in 2010. In 2012 she completed a 750 hour massage therapist training at North Eastern Institute of Whole health. Due to finger joint dislocation issues, it became no longer sustainable for her. The healing arts will always be close to her heart. Yoga has allowed her to continue her path as a healer while being mindful of her own health.

Life gets better with a little help from our friends. Chinchilla Roo and I are teaching our buddy yoga, stretching and massage class weds. This is all levels. Aeon pictured is not part of the festivities, but she is one of many people who instantly brighten my day. Photo Credit Chuck Turner
I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it this Wednesday but would love to see this again.

Can I pay at the door?

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