Original Trilogy and Rogue One Tournament (X-Wing)

Addresse6033 Middlebelt Rd
CityGarden City
AtPandemonium Games & Hobbies
CountyCullman (AL1021)
6033 Middlebelt Rd
Garden City
Pandemonium Games & Hobbies
Cullman (AL1021)
Tel 2017-10-28
Categoria Events
Original Trilogy and Rogue One Tournament (X-Wing)

100pt Standard Store Championship Swiss/Cut rules Original Trilogy and Rogue One ships only. Rebel Ships Available: A-Wing B-Wing Y-Wing X-Wing (no T-70) U-Wing YT-1300 (no Resistance pilots) (Limit 1) Imperial Ships Available: TIE Fighter TIE Interceptor TIE Bomber TIE Advanced TIE Striker Lambda Shuttle Firespray-31 Banned Upgrades: TLT Bomblet Generator Sabine Emperor Palpatine (because we also don't need Palp Aces everywhere. ) Kylo Ren Finn Rey Hux Prize Support: Store Credit (Top 4) Season 3 Kit FFG Alt Arts Custom Alt Arts FFG Red System Open Shields (Highest Placing Imperial List) FFG Blue Shields (Highest Placing Rebel List) More info to come over the next week.

Can't add some limited Scum pilots?
Love the concept.


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