OnGrid - Thunderhill East Bypass - Sunday December 10th 2017

Addresse5250 State Highway 162
AtThunderhill Raceway
CountyGlenn (CA1167)
5250 State Highway 162
Thunderhill Raceway
Glenn (CA1167)
Tel 2017-12-10
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OnGrid - Thunderhill East Bypass - Sunday December 10th 2017 REGISTER HERE: OnGrid is back at Thunderhill's very popular, 3 mile east course featuring the bypass configuration for our last event of 2017. This will be our season closer. OnGrid offers private, professional instruction, please check out our registration page for options. REGISTER HERE: PRICING: $150 Drifting pricing/registration TBA OnGrid will be at one of Californias favorite race track, Thunderhill east. The 3 mile course is extremly fast, fun and popular so dont miss the oppertunity to come join OnGrid for a day of fun. Tentativly: Gates open at 7:00am, the track is hot from 8:30am-4:30pm with a 60 minute lunch break. Each run group will recieve (5) 20 minute sessions.

Trevor with TYRphoto ( will be in attendance working his magic behind the lens. Check out his previous work here - Available groups: Group 1 (Beginner) Group 2a (Low Intermediate) Group 2b (High Intermediate) Group 3 (Slow Advanced) Group 4 (Fast Advanced) GROUP 1 - Intended for drivers with a little to no track experience - This group allows drivers to focus on furthering their comfort on track and taking the correct racing lines without being pressured. - Point By Passing is mandatory and only allowed on the straights. GROUP 2a - 2a is a Low Intermediate group intended for drivers with a minimum track experience (usually a few track days) - This group is similar to Group 1 but for drivers with more experience and awareness.

- Point By passing on straights and corners allowed. No open passing allowed. Group 2b - 2b is a High Intermediate group Intended for drivers with a greater amount of track experience. (usually 7+). - Group 2b is a step above 2a with the same concepts however made for drivers with a greater knowledge of the racing line, proceedures and equite, and drivers who have more experiance. - Open Passing allowed on straights, Point By Passing required in corners. GROUP 3 - This group will have a low car count and is great for drivers looking for fast laps. - This group is made for advance drivers that run slower lap times. Group 3 and 4 have the same rules but 3 has slower cars. - Generally 2:13 or faster laps on Thunderhill East bypass generally 11+ track days. - Open Passing allowed everywhere.

GROUP 4 - This group will have a low car count and is great for drivers looking for fast laps. - This is our fastest run group and is made for the fastest cars/drivers at our events. - This run group has the same rules as group 3 but the lap times are faster in this group. - Generally 2:07 or faster laps on Thunderhill East bypass - Open Passing allowed everywhere. OnGrid welcomes everyone from seasoned pros to beginners with no prior experience. We hold fun, low key and relaxed events. Our class room sessions allow beginners to get comfortable with driving on a race track. Spots are limited allowing maximum seat time. Must be 18+ to drive or ride along on the race track. Any age is allowed on the facility to hangout. Entering Thunderhill property is free.

$35 spot for skidpad / drifting available - I was one of the first 10 to register for the discounted price but can no longer make it. Regular price is $50 for the entire day. Please feel free to message me directly or respond here. Thanks.
DRIFTING registration is open: $35 for the first 10 drivers to register. Go Go Go
Grip registration has opened. Register here: Drift registration and pricing has is not yet available. Stay tuned drifters.
Sina Zendehnam you might wanna fix the criteria for all the group. "fast advance" 2:07 thunderhill WEST??? I think i can do 2:07 at west in my prius with NanKang tires.

our 9/9 day sold out in 13 days and our 11/25 day sold out in 72 hours. Don't sleep on this or you'll find yourself without a spot and in panic to find one.
DRIFTERS. registration opens tonight. $50 for 8.5 hours of nonstop sliding. Tag your friends. PS: $35 for the first 10 registrants ;)
Just a friendly reminder that all questions can be asked via Facebook DM or emailed to us at
that feeling when the project car may not be done in time and you are having track withdrawals
Now with more stickers, I should be able to do a 360 pit entry

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