Nourish Your Moon: An On-line Astrology Course

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Nourish Your Moon: An On-line Astrology Course

An on-line journey through the constellations as we taste all 12 zodiac signs               :: NOURISH YOUR MOON :: A one “moonth” program tracking the Moon: Learn how to tap into the energies available to us. Feel nourished & satisfied. Know when it is the right time to take action. 1. Exploration of the 12 zodiac signs. In one month, the moon tastes all 12 zodiac signs as she makes her way through them. You receive an email every 2-3 days, each time the moon is in a different zodiac sign. In this way, this course is an excellent introduction to astrology. That said, lots of tidbits and intricacies revealed, compelling even the most seasoned astrology buff. 2. Practical life applications. Pro-tips help you align with the energies of the Moon during that window.

Here is a taste of the type of pro-tips you’ll receive: When the moon is in Scorpio, it is recommended to pay bills as Scorpio rules other people’s money. Scorpio also rules intimacy, so this is a time when cravings intensify. A great time for pleasure in the bedroom. 3. Embody the Moon. The Moon represents both our physical and emotional bodies. You can learn to feel the energy of each zodiac sign. Identify and feel the cycles of the waxing and waning moon in your body. Each email includes wisdom from Yogastrology®: ~ identifying body correlations for each zodiac sign ~ suggested yoga poses & other wellness practices 4. Mystical Moon Mastery. You’ll also receive 3 videos available only to course members for the New Moon, Full Moon and Dark of the Moon.
The videos contain rituals for each of these sacred portals during the lunation cycle. Learn how and when to set intentions with the Moon. Rituals for your home. Your body. Your altar. And much more. You are also invited to join us on a live webinar call & in our private Facebook chat room.     Nourish Your Moon includes: 3 videos: New Moon, Full Moon, Dark of the Moon Wisdom 13 emails 1 Live Webinar for Q & A Learn all 12 signs Pro-tips to get the most out of the moon in each sign Practical & mystical applications Yogastrology® body correlations & suggested yoga poses Access to a private Facebook group only for course participants Bonus: deeply discounted chart readings with me (see below) Investment => $108 (Early bird pricing of $88 available through Sunday 5/19)   Personalize Your Learning ~ As a bonus, work with me one on one at a deeply discounted rate.
We’ll dive into your natal chart to help you deepen your understanding of your natal Moon.   Moon Session:  Look to the moon placement in your natal chart to better understand what nourishes & nurtures you & how you can satisfy your moon in synthesis with the other currents in your chart.     => 30 minute consult, $65 (usually $95)   Sky Session:  Moon session plus.  Learn about your Moon, Sun and Rising signs in your natal chart.  Illumination of superpowers & pitfalls and more.     =>  60 minute consult, $95 (usually $150) These deeply discounted special rates are ONLY for Nourish Your Moon members.  Still hungry?   I’ll provide information on: the best moon app out there, the best physical calendar and a highly accessible book for those who wish to delve deeper and become moon trackers.
No previous astrology knowledge needed. We begin June 3 (on the New Moon).   Q & A Q: Do you do refunds? A: This offering is one from my heart so please understand that refunds are not a thing. My wish is for you to enter, receive, learn and enjoy. Q: Are there any additional fees? A: Yes. Eventbrite adds on a small fee. They gotta eat too ; ) If you have other questions, feel free to ask me at  * Note: this course is designed for the busy person. I'm a solo mom & run my own business but I'm committed to being a lifelong learner (Gemini Moon. ).So I appreciate it when courses can be done at my own pace, when I'm available. This is the case with this course. Go as deep as you want, when you want. I'll offer suggestions as to peak times to work with the moon and what to do.
Take what resonates.This course is also a solid reference to refer back to in future.Lastly, when I asked students for feedback last year two of them said they didn't want the course to end. I'll take that as a good sign. : ) I look forward to Feasting on the Moon with you. All humans welcome. Men, Women, & humans who prefer not to subscribe to binary systems. If you are a Star Being & you crave Star Juice, join us. With sparkling anticipation ; )Jen Image credit: Drew Tilk of Unsplash .

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