Nidra with Intention Workshop

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7529 S Power Rd, Ste 101
Queen Creek
Motto Yoga
Maricopa (AZ1149)
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Nidra with Intention Workshop

Grab your favorite pillow and blankies and join us for Yoga Nidra. Nidra is a unique opportunity to plant seeds for what you want to cultivate in your life. We will begin the workshop by discussing how to develop an intention and incorporate it into your yoga practice. Then, we will incorporate the intention into a deeply relaxing session of Yoga Nidra. The added bonus: the sweet experience of stress relief during the busy holiday season. What is Yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based guided meditation technique designed to allow you to rest below the level of the thinking mind and find a state of deep relaxation throughout the body and mind. Each session includes guided body awareness, breath awareness, and self awareness. The session may begin with gentle movement as we transition from our busy day to peaceful stillness.

This class is not a movement based yoga class; rather, movement is used as a tool to bring you closer to stillness. What's unique about this workshop? Did you know that Yoga Nidra allows you to release stress and can also be used to assist with modifying behaviors, modifying thought patterns, and connecting with your higher Self? We will discuss many of the physical, psychological/behavioral, and spiritual benefits that can be experienced through practicing Yoga Nidra. This workshop will focus on how to integrate intention into your Yoga Nidra practice. We will begin the workshop by exploring “intention”. Whether you are experienced with setting an intention for your yoga practice or this is a new concept for you, we will explore methods for choosing an intention and opportunities to plant the seeds of your intention in your Yoga Nidra practice.

BENEFITS OF YOGA NIDRA Studies show that just 20 minutes of breathing, intentional relaxation, and entering deeper brainwave states (as in sleep), can boost learning, memory, energy, and focus. Additionally, these techniques can lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, bring the body into balance, and prevent a host of stress-related diseases. This technique helps reduce symptoms associated with physical, mental, and emotional ailments such as pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia among others. It also helps by allowing you to disengage from stress-producing thoughts. Yogis say that 30 minutes of Nidra is similar to getting 3 hours of regular sleep.

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