Nick at Night: 90's Dance Party

Addresse13200 Madison Ave
CountyShelby (IL1750)
13200 Madison Ave
Shelby (IL1750)
Tel 2017-11-22
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Nick at Night: 90

Heyyy Dude, do you KNOW that you're All That? Have you always been able to Figure it Out? Do you still remember all the words to the Stick Stickly jingle? GUTS- do you have it?. Well, then get ready to Move it, football head. And roll your clock rings back from your Modern Life to the good ole 90's when everything was as simple as everyone wanting a Log (it's better than bad, it's good. ) *Three Wild and Crazy Dj's (DJ Himiko Gogo, DJ Guilty Pleasures and DJ Castronaut) will be taking the Main Stage, playing all your favorite 90's hits to make you Rugrats dance. KILLER TOFU. *Enter our Secret World of projections by Evening Son, where you can hang with all of your favorite primetime friends. *Whooooo loves orange soda? We do, we do, we do-ooooh. Kooky cocktails inspired by your favorite 90's beverages available at the bar.

*Don't miss our one of a kind GAME SHOW at midnight. We Double Dare you to nominate your friends to Explain it All in a 90's TV show trivia challenge. But don't just might get SLIMED. What, what, what would YOU do? *Plenty of Good Burgers, Reptar Bars, Lunchables and Krabby Patties will be served in the kitchen until 2am. *Come dressed as your favorite Nick character and you could take home a piece of the Aggro Crag. Don't be a Squarepants- come hang out and Salute your Shorts with Petunia, Phil and Lil, Spunky and Doug Funny because we know you're not Afraid of the Dark. The choices are yours and yours alone. Good luck. The Night Before Thanksgiving 9PM Eastern Standard Time. $6 All Ages

Okay honestly, this event description slayed SO hard.
You’ve really outdone yourself.
Allison Kirkwood, Bryan Coleman Sr.Canzone we need to be at this.
Caitlin Blair Cogar Dane TuzonEspada Jr should we attend?
ONE WEEK until orange soda reigns supreme in our bar. Get pumped.
Melissa Duns we will already be in the area that night...
Austin JaggerToria Emily Carrie Buckley
It's going to be kind of like this...
Judy Daimarys Dan?.
Might be in town.
Jessica Dingess

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