New York Coalition of One Hundred Black Women - February General Meeting

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New York Coalition of One Hundred Black Women - February General Meeting

February is Black History Month, and serves as a time to honor and reflect on the expansive history, culture, accomplishments and contributions of the African American community. It is critical that we teach Black History. We are very excited to be partnering with filmmaker Marta Effinger-Crichlow  to bring you the  LITTLE SALLIE WALKER “Play Date Experience”. LITTLE SALLIE WALKER tells the story of how black women across the generations have found pleasure, refuge and power in childhood play. For the central characters Patricia, Billie Jean, Raisha, and Kristi, surviving life in America as black girls, involved imagining and creating worlds-of-make-believe through different types of play like patty cake, dress up, double dutch, tag, doll-making, hop-scotch and hide-and-seek.

The topics, themes, and examples of play in the LITTLE SALLIE WALKER film will be highlighted and disseminated through the film’s community engagement initiative, which is called ‘The Play Date Experience’. Coalition members, family members, guests and community partners will meet at play stations where they will participate in activities like ‘Bat and Ball’ ‘Paper Doll Making’ ‘Hula Hoop’ ‘Coloring’ and ‘Hand Games’. Filmmaker Marta Effinger-Crichlow will introduce and show a LITTLE SALLIE WALKER Work-in-Progress sample followed by a panel discussion on the film’s topics and themes. This is a multi-generational program so we are asking you to please bring young women 10 years of age and older with you. We are continuing our recruitment drive so we invite guests in attendance who believe in our mission to consider joining The New York Coalition of One Hundred Black Women.
Applications will be available. In recognition of February also being American Heart Month we are asking that all members/guests wear red and our health moment will focus on how heart disease affects women in the African American community. In addition, the Health Committee will be continuing to collect eyeglasses for those in need. #nycobw #blackhistorymonth #littlesalliewalker #americanheartmonth.

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