New Yoga Classes with Ella Swan

AddresseDry Creek Plaza 3150 W State Route 89A
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Dry Creek Plaza 3150 W State Route 89A
Sedona Hot Yoga
Yavapai (AZ1155)
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New Yoga Classes with Ella Swan

NEW. ::::Elle Swan Classes::: Sedona Hot Yoga Wednesdays @ 10:30 AM Non-Heated Dharma Mellow Flow ........... Saturdays @ 10:30 AM Hot Vinyasa ........... Thursdays @ 4:30 PM Hot Core 26 - A Bikram inspired offering ........... I believe in POWER and POSSIBILITY. I'm a Visionary devoted to helping others live more bold and magical lives. My spiritual teachings have largely been influenced by my study, and first-hand experiences, in Peru, Africa, India, Asia, Europe, and Bali. Yet, it was my grandmother who first introduced me to the idea of possibility. It happened the day after she passed. Yes, after she passed. It was nighttime and everyone was asleep. I never saw them cry and fuss like that over all sorts of grown-up things. I was too young to comprehend the chaos.

In the quiet and the dark, something was different in my room. I never felt that way before. I sat up, opened my eyes, and grandma was standing in her pale blue nightgown by my bed. I was about to shout her name, but she placed her finger over her lips, "Shhhhhhhh." She smiled, then whispered, "Tell them it's okay. Be happy, because I am happy here." That night, I learned we can do incredible things--even see grandma again. But, to lead extraordinary lives, we must improve the way we see challenges and improve how we believe. This, I learned the hard way. When I was 24, my father died a tragic death. By that time I had graduated from Oberlin College, moved to New York and was well on my way up the ladder of success. No trace of my intuitive gifts or the mystical advice grandma gave me.

How he died crushed me. I tried to eat away the pain that was viciously eating at me and I gained 70 self-hating pounds. Extremely depressed, I tried to drown my sorrows with alcohol which ultimately led to freezing on homeless streets. They call it a "dark night of the soul." And I wasted the last bit of light within me to burn every bridge. All alone, I died in darkness. Then, I realized we get to choose. I chose the will to fight. I fought thru that overdose and I fought my way back to life. Believe me, when I say, as long as you are breathing, you can create a remarkable life. Step by step, I rose from settling for life in an abandoned van to living in my power, consulting on TV, traveling and speaking around the world. For over a decade, I have impacted thousands of people, demonstrating how to remove fear and how to make bold moves.

Inner power is real. When you consciously harness and direct your inner power, you become unstoppable. Today could be your chance. I know, because today is always our chance to stand boldly in this world and ignite a masterful, magical life. Own Your Power, Elle .

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