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New Year

New Year’s Celebration Join us for a unique, growth-centered New Year’s Eve celebration. A combination of art, yoga, meditation, and chanting will encourage a new level of personal awareness and spiritual growth. This popular program is included in the price of overnight accommodations. Space is limited, so call our office to reserve soon. 303.642.0116. Schedule: Sunday, December 31 3:00pm: check-in 4:00-5:00pm: Hatha Yoga class (all-level and intermediate options) 5:00-5:45pm: Dinner 6:00-7:00pm: Sacred Art 8:30-9:45pm: Candlelight Yoga 9:45-10:15pm: Chai & Cookies 10:30-11:00pm: Meditation 11:00-11:30pm: Mantra repetition 11:30-12:00pm: Kirtan and Arati, with New Year’s Celebration & closing remarks Monday, January 1 5:30-7:00am: Fire Ceremony (yajna) in Fire Temple OR 5:30-7:00am: Guru Chant and Meditation in Main Temple 7:00-7:45am: Breakfast 8:15-9:45am: Sacred Art 10:00-11:30am: Hatha Yoga (all-level and intermediate options) 11:30-12:00pm: Pranayama and Meditation 12:00-1:00pm: Lunch 1:00pm: check-out In the Shambhava Yoga tradition, it is common to use special holidays throughout the year as catalysts to propel a practitioner deeper into their spiritual practice.

You can begin to prepare for New Year’s Eve right now, in this very moment, just by taking a deep, conscious breath. By setting the intention to make a spiritual leap this New Year’s, you are opening yourself to the very real possibly of spontaneous recognition of your highest self – also known in this tradition as Shiva Consciousness. So go ahead, take that breath. And then join us for our New Year’s Eve celebration, where you will be ripe and ready to reach a new level of awareness and understanding in your own spiritual practice. Sacred Art: The New Year’s festivities begin with a Sacred Art class led by staff members. Art is a fun way to connect with staff, other guests, and most importantly yourself, in a playful and creative atmosphere. Art projects include painting decorative stones, coloring your own Boddhisattva, or creating an Intention Board collage as a visual reminder of the qualities and actions that are most important to you as you hail in another year.

The unscheduled time between Art and Yoga is a chance for you to enjoy whatever you feel most nourished by. Continue working on your art project, go for a moonlit walk, enjoy the hot tub or sauna, or maybe take a nap. Candlelight Yoga: Then regroup for candlelight yoga. The practice of yoga is a practice of union; of joining our “small” or everyday self with our higher self. Yoga by candlelight creates space for a more meditative focus as the body moves through asana. By relaxing the senses and bringing awareness to the breath, tensions and unnecessary layers from the past year can begin to melt away. Chai and Cookies: After yoga, socialize with other guests over chai and cookies – both necessary ingredients for those Yogis and Yoginis who may otherwise recognize a much earlier bedtime.

Get ready for a few extra hours of practice with some homemade treats. Meditation, Mantra, Kirtan: Finally, bring in the New Year with meditation, mantra, and kirtan in our Main Temple. Meditation is a practice of stilling the thought-waves of the mind. Guests will be guided through use of breath and mantra as a means of connecting more deeply inside. Mantra translates as “mind protector,” and repetition of mantra gives the mind a very tangible and powerful focus as more mundane thoughts and distractions fall away. Mantra repeated out loud in unison with staff and guests has the added energy of the community behind it and is capable of breaking up more inner debris than is sometimes possible when practicing alone. Kirtan is a joyful and expressive form of meditation that involves call-and-response style chanting as well as the practice of Arati, a “waving of lights” and other offerings as a way of celebrating and honoring the light within each of us.

Arati is meditation in motion.

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