New Year, New You!

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20564 Morningstar Trail
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New Year, New You!

Kick off the New Year with an opportunity to immerse yourself in a weekend full of self-love and self-care through Ayurveda. Disconnect from your old habits and join us at MorningStar Retreat Center; a rustic setting nestled deep in the woods in northern Michigan. Nature therapy, yoga, meditation, auricular acupuncture, workshops on self-care and nurturing meals await you. Come and learn how to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul and step into your highest state of happiness, health and wellbeing, redefining the term relaxation. Ayurveda, sister science to yoga is the world’s oldest and most sophisticated system of health. Originating in India, this health care system has withstood the test of time dating back over 5,000 years. More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda translates to “Science of Life” or “Knowledge of Longevity”.

It teaches us how to maintain or prolong health, and how we can realize our full potential. Ayurveda recognizes the uniqueness in each individual, with a variety of methods for treating illness and creating balance. It provides explanation of underlying causes of dis-ease. Where there is balance there is health, where there is imbalance there is dis-ease. You will have the opportunity to... Learn the basic fundamentals of Ayurvedic health. We will work to understand and observe how we can integrate nature and the elements around us, and how they reflect and govern a diverse system within. By understanding this simple truth, we begin to better understand our minds, bodies and souls, and how they relate to the world around us. Instead of being victims of our environment, we learn to engage these energies in ways that are productive and heathy.

What Will the Weekend Entail? ~We’ll follow a traditional Ayurvedic schedule to give you a feel for how to create a self-care routine in your life. ~Meditation and yoga flow will bring about a warming and grounding effect for this cooler season. ~We’ll talk about the basics of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic self-care and daily routine. ~Evening gong meditations paired with auricular acupuncture for deep relaxation and healing, will help you assimilate and process these changes and information. ~You’ll enjoy home cooked meals made with wholesome and fresh ingredients; each meal crafted especially for this winter season to provide a taste of an Ayurvedic diet and nutrition. ~You’ll also have free time for hiking MorningStar trails, meditating through the labyrinth or nestling up in your cabin with a good book, sketchbook, or journal.

~Private Ayurvedic consultations will be available at an additional cost. We’ll review your imbalances and their underlying causes, and formulate a unique protocol for you to regain appropriate balance. ~You’ll also receive samples of different resources that you can use daily to maintain your health, along with a collection of recipes. About the Facility: Morning Star Retreat Center is located 20 miles south of Cadillac, MI. on 135 acres of pristine wilderness. Hersey Creek winds alongside trails, forests, and fields. Hardwoods, pines, and ferns grow in abundance throughout the center. Wildlife sightings are common at MorningStar. A handful of cozy cabins dot the landscape, offering both private and shared accommodations. Space is very limited. Please visit our website for more information on cabin options and other special features of the center. The cost of the retreat is $435 which includes the program, materials, delicious meals and your accommodation. You can follow the event link under the "tickets" tab to reserve your spot. There is a $100 non-refundable deposit. All payments are due by January 1st to insure your spot. Please contact us if you have any questions at 734-645-9241 Take a quick peak at the schedule. Friday Evening: -Registration -Opening Ceremony: • Introductions • MorningStar Info • Intention setting -Evening snack & tea time. Saturday Morning -Heart Based Meditation Training (1 Hour) -Breakfast -Free time Afternoon -Hatha Yoga Flow (Warmth & Grounding) (1 Hour) -Introduction to Ayurveda (1.5 Hours) -Lunch -Free Time Evening -Heart Based Meditation (20 minutes) Dinner -Lecture on Ayurvedic Daily Routine (1 Hour) -Gong Meditation w/ Auricular Acupuncture Sunday Morning: -Heart Based Meditation (20 minutes) -Breakfast -Yin Yoga Flow (1.5 Hours) -Time for questions and answers/ reflection and journaling.

Closing ceremony- hand out goodies • Wise water spice mix • Recipes of weekend dishes Get to know the event leader- Samantha Mee. Samantha is a certified Ayurvedic consultant, yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, acudetox specialist and sound healer. She is deeply inspired by the power & capacity we all have for healing. She has studied Ayurveda & yoga over the past three years and both practices combined have worked to transform her life. She strongly believes that these are the tools necessary for creating a healthy & balanced life, and wants to share this with others. She understands the struggle to make healthy changes in one’s life, and to establish practices that contribute to this endeavor. Samantha offers a very real and practical approach to welcoming these adaptations. She facilitates weekly gong meditation which she has found to be a pathway into the energetic realm. Her contribution provides the opportunity to experience sound in a whole new way; both heard and felt. What she loves most about the gong is that it is a tool for healing, even for those with no prior knowledge or experience. Samantha feels called to sharing this blessing, to help others on their journey towards healing. Driven by her own growth, healing, and self-love, she passionately seeks to help others arrive at the same place; With a firm belief that we are all capable of living our highest self, in love and light.

A little peak at the beautiful facilities at MorningStar Retreat Center and the surrounding nature.

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