New Urbanism Film Festival 2017 - 5th Annual - Los Angeles

Addresse135 N La Brea Ave
CityLos Angeles
AtNew Urbanism Film Festival
CountyLos Angeles (CA1175)
135 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles
New Urbanism Film Festival
Los Angeles (CA1175)
Tel 2017-10-19
Categoria Events
New Urbanism Film Festival 2017 - 5th Annual - Los Angeles

The New Urbanism Film Festival :: City Stories on the Silver Screen This is our fifth year hosting this unique film festival that takes the conversation about urban planning out of the classroom and beyond the council chamber doors and onto the big screen. Join us for four days of movies about people from all over the world who are making their neighborhood a better place. After each feature film, or group of short films, we will have a local urbanist interpret the lessons of the film and how we can apply them to our own neighborhoods here in Los Angeles. FESTIVAL LINE UP: THURSDAY, October 19th 7:30pm Tactical Urbanism Short Films $20 9:30pm BUSted $5 FRIDAY, October 20th 7:30pm Transportation Short Films $15 9:30pm Street Art Short Films $12 SATURDAY, October 21st 12:00pm The Longest Straw $12 2:00pm Bicycle Revolution $12 3:45 Priced Out $12 5:30 Tony - The Movie $15 7:30 Urban Design Short Films & CNUCAL Awards $20 9:30 What’s the Worst Building in Los Angeles? $10 SUNDAY, October 22nd 10:00am Tour: Eco Village 10:00am Tour: Melrose Street Art 1:45pm Columbus $15 4:00pm Architecture Short Films $12 6:00pm Global Urbanism Short Films $12 8:00pm Urbanism Filmmaking Challenge & NUFF Awards $15 Total Ticket Prices $184

i'm glad this isn't on the weekend i'll be out of town.


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