Neurodharma: A 10-Day Vipassana Retreat with Dr. Rick Hanson

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151 Shambhala Way
Red Feather Lakes
Shambhala Mountain Center
Larimer (CO1250)
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Neurodharma: A 10-Day Vipassana Retreat with Dr. Rick Hanson

Modern brain science is beginning to shed light on the underlying neuropsychological basis of deep experiences of present moment awareness, integrated wholeness of mind, and the sense of interdependent connection with nature and physical reality. Join New York Times bestselling author Rick Hanson, Ph.D. and discover how to use new findings in brain science to relax the contracted sense of self, and to rest increasingly in resilient well-being at the front edge of now. This 10-day silent vipassana style retreat will include meditation, insightful talks, and guided practices based on a progression of brain-savvy perspectives and practices. After laying a foundation of methods that promote steadiness of mind and a warm heart, we’ll move through practices in four stages, using Buddhist teachings and cutting edge neuroscience to experience and stabilize a sense of Nowness .

Wholeness . Allness . Oneness. Prerequisite: As this is a serious, experientially intense retreat, all participants must have previous participation in a 7+ day meditation retreat. Additionally, this retreat is not appropriate for those who are vulnerable to psychotic or dissociative experiences.

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