National Firefighters Appreciation Day

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1426 Washington (Brown & Washington)
Calvary Baptist Church - Cornerstone Ministries - Calvary Cares
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National Firefighters Appreciation Day

How to Celebrate Firefighters Day There are many great ways to celebrate firefighters on this day. Most of all, this day is about showing our appreciation for their service, risks, and sacrifice, so find a way to make sure your local firefighters know how much you value them. As always, it’s the thought that counts and small gestures go a long way, so even bringing baked goods down to the fire hall would be a nice thing to do. You could send them a card, maybe even homemade by your family. You could also consider donating money to one of the many firefighter charities out there, some of which help firefighters injured in the line of duty get the medical treatment they need and return to health. Other firefighter charities help retired firefighters live comfortable lives after years of risks they took for others.

You can also raise awareness about the dangers firefighters bravely face every day by wearing a red and blue ribbon—the colors of water and fire, respectively. Wearing a ribbon, baked goods, sending a card or donating a few dollars to a charity may not seem like particularly impressive gestures to you, but they will likely mean the world to those who work tirelessly for their communities. So show the firefighters of the world a little gratitude and celebrate Firefighters Day with us.

Thank you Lord for the protection of our Firefighters. Thank you First Responders.

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