Mount Shasta - The Power Is Within You - An Initiatory Journey

CityMount Shasta
AtMount Shasta, CA, United States
CountySiskiyou (CA1203)
Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta, CA, United States
Siskiyou (CA1203)
Tel 2018-09-20
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Mount Shasta - The Power Is Within You - An Initiatory Journey

Mount Shasta - The Power Is Within You - An Initiatory Journey Every journey of consciousness allows us to see beyond the landscape and connect with the energy that lives in the place. There are many wonderful stories that surround this magical and special place. It brings to mind Motherland, Lemuria and its incredible civilization full of advances and good news not only for this world, but also for many others, connected in one purpose, the sacred study of Love. After the fall of the Lemurian civilization, many were those who were received in the inner city of Telos and from there, I again flourished with renewed forces for the world. It is thus as not only Lemurians and intraterrestrial beings of the city of Telos could interact, these doors were opened for those who were willing to enter a world without paradigms and pure of heart.

It is in this way that Ascended Masters, Angels and beautiful beings members of the Great White Brotherhood succeeded in making advances for the support of the evolution of the human race and of every living being in this World. The Ascended Master St Germain and the hosts of Violet Geometry play a vital role in this sacred space. In this Initiation Journey we will share with our guides Renato Guerrero (Chile) and Shaundra Hyre (USA) all the knowledge acquired to regain our own power and access the ancient refugee memory in the center of our Universe, the heart. This will be an unforgettable adventure where you will learn new techniques of connection, transmutation and healing in a sacred space and guarded by wonderful beings of light willing to the planetary service.

Support us in our integration service on the portal date of this September 23rd, in Equinox. Join us in this service and share activations and calibration works to support your evolution and all living beings, come to remember who you are and why you are here, for sure, this will be a trip you will never forget and that will remain in the depths of your heart. MORE INFO VISIT

We are already in Shasta and the energy immediately received us with a warm hug. Together with Shaundra Hyre we have visited various sacred places and we are waiting for you to accompany us to perform a series of high vibration energy works to support your evolution and the planet.

Each of the places we visit will have a particular energy and you will realize that in each of these places you can have a connection different from your highest consciousness and that of your ancestral memories. Join us in this magical adventure full of knowledge in incredible places with views to rejoice the heart of joy and emotion. More info at Visit
I've been called to go on a pilgrimage to Mt Shasta since my VisionQuest last year when it appeared to me and I was told to go. I can't make this one, it's too short notice, but do keep me informed of any future dates please. Thank you
Dear family of light. For logistical themes we have preferred to make this beautiful retreat next year 2018, on the same scheduled dates in September.

For any information, contact the mail <3
Would love to attend this if I weren't singing in Las Vegas during that time. Thank you though.
Omg would have loved to have joined you Late notice for me xxx

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