Montgomery Bus Boycott

AtMontgomery, AL, United States
CountyMontgomery (AL1050)
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Montgomery, AL, United States
Montgomery (AL1050)
Tel 2055-12-02
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Due to the recent arrest of Rosa Parks because of her refusal to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery public bus, we are asking our fellow black community to support us in an official Montgomery Bus Boycott. This includes boycotting all public transportation until equal rights for both blacks and whites are accomplished. We will NOT tolerate being treated as less than what our American rights, set forth in our bi-laws, promise us. We DEMAND to be treated as equals, and until this is accomplished, we are asking that you help us make a stand against Montgomery city officials until justice is given. This boycott begins tomorrow morning and will be carried out until a change is made. For this reason, we are asking you to find a different way to work: carpool with someone else, or walk.

This will definitely catch the attention of the Montgomery officials, and we will NOT back down until they change their rules..

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