Mind Free Friday: Syzygy Sound

Addresse1705 S Pearl St
AtKarma Yoga Center
CountyDelaware (NY2963)
1705 S Pearl St
Karma Yoga Center
Delaware (NY2963)
Tel 2017-10-13
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Mind Free Friday: Syzygy Sound

Mind Free Fridays are a unique collection of sound healing and meditations to help you free your mind. Each Friday, a different meditation or sound healing will be offered. Sound, external or internal, allows the body to open on a subtle level. As energy pathways open, they are cleansed and cleared by sound. The pure vibrations of mantras, singing bowls, gongs, musical instruments, song/kirtan, is like riding the first-class train to peace and tranquility. About Syzygy Sound: Intuitive tones on a diverse array of instrumentation. Utilizing crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo, gongs, and a myriad of other instruments, arrangements of sounds are utilized to assist in bringing about states of clarity and enhanced self-healing. This intuitive approach allows each session to be custom tailored in the moment, and potently unique.

The sound helps us to relax, clear, empower, manifest, connect.... These vibrations are a celebration of awareness, the healing arts, and the diversity in human emotion/sensation. Healing to both body and mind, enlivening to the soul. Cost: $15 About Seth: Multi-instrumentalist and artist in many senses, Seth Snowden (Syzygy Sound) approaches this sound work with full authenticity, as well as complete trust in the flow of the improvised stream of healing vibrations. Self-taught in many musical forms throughout the last 16+ years, he has sat with and held ceremony with hundreds and hundreds of receptive individuals in the name of our self-healing, inspiration, and relaxation.

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