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Meet Your Chakras

You’ve heard of chakras, but have you ever FELT your own? Join us for a fun, experiential workshop about the human energy field -  and you will find out what your aura looks like. See a live aura reading and come to understand how your emotions and environment impact these energy centers. We will go on a guided meditation during which you’ll  be able to see and feel each of your main 7 chakras, and understand the overall wellness of each.  We will explore what an under-charged chakra feels like, what an over-charged chakra feels like (and the health implications for all), and what it feels like to bring our energy into balance.   All participants receive their own chakra report that includes a photo of your own aura, with the latest bio-field technology.   Don’t miss it.

$30   Rev. Suzanne Suchan, BMsc  Working with Spirit, Stars and your Soul to realize your purpose. Energy Healer, Astrologer, Psychic/Spiritual Consultant, Wedding Officiant Chapter Vice President, Holistic Chamber of Commerce Crystal energy artisan Good 4 the Spirit  Register by calling or texting 716-930-5011 or e mail .

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