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MCUSD Employment Eligibility Test

Please use this form to register for a district employment eligibility test. You may sign up for either the Instructional Aide Test or the Clerical Test. For questions or comments, or to sign up for this test by phone, please call (209) 742-0250. ******************************************************************************************************************************** Instructional Aide and Clerical Exam Information Exams may only be retaken twice after the initial test in a given year. Instructional Aide Test Exam Time: 2 Hours The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 requires that schools and districts receiving Title I funding meet specific employment eligibility requirements if an employee provides instructional support in a classroom. Instructional aides (also known as paraprofessionals) are required to be NCLB compliant at Mariposa County Unified Schools.

To be eligible to apply for a substitute or contracted position as an instructional aide, you must meet these minimum qualifications: A high school diploma or the equivalent, AND Possess an A.A. degree or higher, or Completed 48 units or more toward a Bachelor’s Degree, or Taken and passed the MCUSD Instructional Aide Test. The MCUSD Instructional Aide Test is a three-part exam which assesses your knowledge of English/Language Arts, Mathematics and the Ability to Assist in Instruction. After attempting to take the exam, individual sections may be taken if needed on a later date. A tutorial for the Instructional Aide Test is available. Clerical Test Exam Time: 1.5 Hours A clerical proficiency test is required for secretary and clerical positions in the district.
The test assesses your knowledge in math, grammar, spelling, filing, accounting and office assistance. A tutorial is not currently available for this test. ******************************************************************************************************************************** Rules Regarding Testing for Employment: No personal items, including but not limited to notes, study aides, calculators, mobile phones, hand-held computers/persoanl digital assistants (PDAs) or other electronic devices are allowed to be accessed at any time during testing. Personal items must be stored securely away from the test workspace provided or returned to your vehicle. All electronic devices must be turned off or silenced before the testing begins. Please use the restroom prior to the start of the exam - bathroom breaks are not allowed.
Drinks must be secured in order to prevent spillage. Food is not allowed during your test. All test materials must be turned in at the completion of the test.

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