Mastering Uncertainty: The Power of Archival Thinking (Cantor)

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Mastering Uncertainty: The Power of Archival Thinking (Cantor)

Mastering Uncertainty: The Power of Archival Thinking | Cantor Intensive When confronted with chaos and uncertainty, do you know how to stay calm, ask the right questions, and find the answers?  Archival researchers do.  Do you realize that less than 1 percent of primary sources have been digitized, and that 99 percent still exist in their original formats in collections, small and large, scattered all across the world? Do you know how to find them and use them?  Archival researchers do.  Through hands-on exercises in Stanford's archives, students learn the fundamentals of archival research. Pursuing their own research interests, students will learn to become self-sufficient, independent researchers capable of navigating uncertainty and producing knowledge--a skill set in demand no matter what their major or post-graduate plans.

Instructor permission required. This session takes place at the Cantor. Interested students might be interested in signing up for the intensive at the Hoover Archives as well. DESCRIPTION We are seeking Stanford undergraduates interested in  - acquiring hands-on, practice-based skills in archival research - getting to know colleagues and the inside workings of the Cantor   Students who complete this intensive are eligible to receive credit for the course HISTORY 299P: Mastering Uncertainty: The Power of Archival Thinking.     FURTHER INFORMATION For more information about the training session, please contact Prof. Tom Mullaney ( )  .

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