Marvel VS. DC! The Epic showdown!

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Marvel VS. DC! The Epic showdown!

LOCATION: At the East lobby terrace. We battle. MARVEL character cosplayers. from the Marvel Universe. & D.C. character cosplayers. from the Detective Comics rhelm. LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE. Get ready for this LARGE and uique cosplay gathering. We will bring ALL of the superhero fandom together for epic teamups, battles, and VS. photoshoots. X-Men VS. Suicide Squad Avengers VS. Justice League Fantastic4 VS. ??? and MORE. SHEDULE. How this will work. -First the D.C. Gathering will take place in a special location. -Then right after D.C. is finished with their photoshoots as a group MARVEL shall meetup and roll in hard on the Dc gathering. -The battle / VS> shoot will begin. Lasting for probably 45 mins. -After that DC characters will exit the stage so MARVEL characters will still have their solo gathering photoshoots as well.

DC. Gathering Link: More details to be announced.

-X-Men -Avengers -Inhumans -Fantastic Four -Alpha Flight -Spider-Verse -Venom Verse -A Force -Runaways. VS. -Justice League -Suicide Squad -Outsiders -Team Titan -TEEN Titans -Green Lantern Corp. -Infinity Inc. -A-Team
SO Instead of my usual Spider-Verse gathering I have decided to get the two Superhero themed Genres together for the most epic photoshoot; 'MARVEL VS. D.C. :The Epic Showdown. ' BE THERE.
Here is the link to the actual D.C. gathering: (MARVEL one soon)
Time may vary as well....

Discussions and details still in order. Please be patient. Thank you.
UPDATE. Our meeting spot will be the East lobby Terrace. BE THERE.

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