Marlies Myoku Cocheret ~ How can we live as Essence in the midst

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Marlies Myoku Cocheret ~ How can we live as Essence in the midst

Marlies Myoku Cocheret ~ How can we live as Essence in the midst of Life’s challenges? Saturday, March 31, 2018 @ 11:00am-5:00 pm “I invite you to unpack the wrapping paper of challenge and discover what is inside. We will explore this question thru dharma talk, meditation, experiential play, dialog & steeping into our true nature. We all want to be awake all the way, enjoy our lives and be compassionate. Maybe even serve this Love. Yes? True? So, why hasn’t it happened all the way? We all hope to wake up or try to step out of suffering. Our first taste of Being frees us for a moment from mind’s identification. Our lives change. Now it’s clear where we want to pitch our tent. And, yet we still identify with many illusions. Life/She helps us cultivate Being thru offering the most wonderful challenges.

Most of us develop thru pain. They are in the department of money, relationship, our body, thought forms, and work etc. We feel separate and long for relief. Where do we rest? What do we do? Do we face what is arising? Or, relax as formless being? It is about developing our relationship to each moment, no matter what the content is. My own recent experience of a kidney transplant has and had many layers of challenges. Thru it all Diamond Peace carried me. Please join me in exploring and bringing to the forefront your Humanity and Divine radiance. Discover the Beauty that you innately are. I am looking forward to sharing this day with you filled with realness and compassion. Marlies Myoku brings a potent invitation into the Silence of our being. She has devoted her life to the Beloved.

She has been offering Satsang & retreat since 2000, when Adyashanti asked her to teach. Marlies works as a spiritual teacher, psychologist (trained in the Netherlands), Hakomi therapist, and Tantric educator internationally. Sliding scale: $65-$105 Partial scholarships available To Register, or for more info, click here: .

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