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LIVE WEBINAR- Learn To Trade Stocks- Travel & Trade Online

Next Live Online Webinars:- June. 23, 2019 ( 7pm- 9:30pm EST- Eastern Standard Time)I'll teach you how to trade stocks and how it can be tax free income. Contrary to what people think you don't need to be rich to invest. You can actually start trading with just 300$, believe it or not. I will teach you the different types of stocks/ investments there are. We will discuss different types of accounts you can open up with your bank or a legitimate brokerage regulated by the industry. The best way for you to learn is to do it yourself, so you will actually be placing trades on my account and getting hands on practice. We will have a private chat group so any questions can be answered when you first start trading or it can be used to simply talk about stocks. I will simplify everything step by step and make it very clear and easy to understand.Serious learners only.Start your path toward financial freedom, break the 9-5 routine and be location independant.You will have the knowledge to start trading after the course.

If English is not your first language or you just need to hear the information again, you can attend the meetup twice at no extra cost.P.S: If you are panicky or impatient you won't enjoy trading because you will see the value of your accounts fluctuate.Pm me if you have any specific questions.Group classes- 45$ eachOne on one classes- 100$ ( + ongoing one on one help as needed)In order to reserve your spot, attendees must send their payments before 4:30pm the day of the meetup..

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