Linal Harris Presents: The Murder Mediocrity Summit & Experience

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Linal Harris Presents: The Murder Mediocrity Summit & Experience

What does Murder Mediocrity® mean? The use of the word ‘mediocrity’ in our language has drastically decreased since the 1800’s.  Consequently mediocrity, though on the rise in our society is seldom called out. Mediocrity is a noun. Mediocrity is a state of being. Mediocrity is any area in your life that is not operating with excellence due to a powerful awareness and intention. The problem is we do not know what we do not know.  Thus, mediocrity comes from a lack of curiosity about where you really are in your personal development.  To Murder Mediocrity® is to make a commitment to a life long pursuit of excellence through personal development. If you are committed to your personal development, the Murder Mediocrity® Summit is for you. If you're still curious about whether the Murder Mediocrity® Summit is for you, we've shared a few questions below to assist you with making a wise, long-term life decision: Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the way your life is currently set-up? Are you clear on your dreams and goals, but left with trying to figure out HOW to make them a reality? Are the concerns of tomorrow cluttering your brain and robbing you of sleep? Are you looking for tips and tools that will enhance your life holistically? Have you been trying to lose that same 10 lbs.

for the last 10 years? Are you concerned about your health and well-being but lack the discipline to execute on your intentions? Have you been waiting for a loving, monogomous relationship that feels like it will never come? Is your relationship on the rocks and even though you want to save it, you don't know how? Are you tired of your job, but trapped by the paycheck? Are you concerned about your money and your future financial security? Are you grappling with your personal identity and who you really are? Are you confused about your life's purpose, your impact and what you should be doing in this life? Do you know your life's purpose, but it seems out of reach and so much bigger than who you are today? If just one of the questions above resonated, the Murder Mediocrity® Summit is for you.

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