Level 2 QHHT Class, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

CityEureka Springs
AtEureka Springs, AR, United States
CountyCarroll (AR1074)
Eureka Springs
Eureka Springs, AR, United States
Carroll (AR1074)
Tel 2018-04-16
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Level 2 QHHT Class, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

This advanced class provides a unique opportunity to “fine tune” several key areas of your QHHT practice and will increase your confidence in dealing with some of the more unique sessions you might encounter. For QHHT practitioners who have completed Level 1 and practiced with a minimum of 25 different people, this supplemental course will focus on strengthening core QHHT skills. Note that while 25 sessions is the absolute minimum requirement, we highly recommend the practitioner conduct more than 30 sessions in order to take the most advantage from the class. The class will be taught by Julia Cannon Soul Speak, who taught alongside Dolores Cannon for many years, supplemented by interactive videos of Dolores. Julia Cannon and several of our most experienced QHHT Practitioners not only work with the class as a group but also individually with one-on-one guidance.

This 4-day class focuses on reviewing several crucial aspects of your QHHT practice including your hypnotic voice, your interview and counseling approach and the ever important skill of asking questions during the actual regression. There is considerable time spent on mock sessions, demonstrations, voice instruction and extensive question and answer sessions are offered in a lively and supportive atmosphere with practical and constructive feedback.

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