LeeLikesBikes MTB Skills at Bentonville, AR

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LeeLikesBikes MTB Skills at Bentonville, AR

What you will learn After 30 years as a rider and 15 years as a professional bike guy, Lee had learned some things, and the coolest thing he'd learned is the Grand Unified Theory of Shred (GUTS). Underlying all riding skills — climbing, cornering, pumping, hopping, jumping and basically ripping, not to mention most other sports — you'll find one simple, universal, archetypal movement pattern.  We call this pattern row/anti-row or, more simply, rip/row. We will use the RipRow training tool to hack the cheat codes of shredding into your subconscious, then we’ll show you how rip/row movement ties into your riding. Yes. It’s that simple. You only need to learn and refine one movement pattern, then plug it into all aspects of your mountain biking: Riding dynamically Climbing with utmost efficiency Braking heavy to generate traction Pumping corners to generate speed and traction Pumping bumps to gain speed and control Hopping smoothly and easily Dropping smoothly Jumping perfectly (and safely) Envisioning and creating shapes on technical trails Pro-level trail-reading (with help from some actual pros) RipRow teaches perfect body mechanics: Pumping and RipRowing are the same movement: You’ll see immediate, tremendous improvement in your riding.

As you master the fundamentals, it’s a smooth progression to more advanced skills like hopping, dropping, jumping and technical climbing. We build your foundation of great riding — and we show you how to progress as high as you want. All of our lessons use the same cognitive structure, but each clinic and group ride is unique to the individual riders and the local terrain. Depending on the local trails, you can expect to explore rock gardens, drops, jumps and technical climbs/descents. Improve on your own — and with our help At LLB we believe the greatest improvement comes from a combination of individual learning and practice and in-person time with a qualified instructor. Lots of riders all over the world—beginners to pros—are reaching new levels of shred with the LLBMTB Online Mountain Bike School.
When you combine the online learning with an in-person clinic or group ride, your skills — and fun — will skyrocket. For the first time ever, when you sign up for an in-person LLB experience, you’ll receive a subscription to the LLBMTB Online Mountain Bike School. We'll send details after you register.  Times and prices* Full-day classes run 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and cost $300. We'll cover core skills in the morning, eat lunch (BYOL) then apply our skills on the local terrain. This is a long, tiring and awesome day. Half-day classes run 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and cost $150. Join us for core skills in the morning and stay for lunch if you like. If you want to stay for the whole day (most people do), you're welcome to. Want to reserve a whole day for your yourself or your crew? Email Coach Kevin.
Click here for private classes >>>  Meet your coach: Kevin is a special blend of intellectual giant and physical badass. He has an A.S. in Mechanical Engineering, a B.S. in Applied Technology Education, a Masters in Online Education, and an Education Specialist certificate in Curriculum Design; he is currently pursuing his Ed.D. in Curriculum Development. He is a highly skilled rider with a strong background in racing and freestyle, and he is an excellent teacher.  Kevin rails berms: Our policies for skills instruction  apply to this class. .

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