Kihon no Kiso (Foundations of the Fundamentals)

AtLaramie, WY, United States
CountyAlbany (WY4140)
Laramie, WY, United States
Albany (WY4140)
Tel 2018-01-20
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Kihon no Kiso (Foundations of the Fundamentals)
On Saturday we will be covering the Kiso (foundations) behind our kihon (fundamentals) starting with ichimonji no kamae and examining its use through the Gogyo no Waza and the Torite Goho of the Kihon Happo. On Sunday we will look at ichimonji no kamae and how it applies to the basics of iaijutsu and kenjutsu. This is easily about eight months of teaching (not fully learning or practicing) in two days. Please bring a bokken or iaito, but no shinken (live blades) unless otherwise instructed. A bo will also be useful, but we will not being doing bojutsu, per se.
Kihon no Kiso (Foundations of the Fundamentals) Laramie Albany Laramie, WY, United States from 20 to 21 january 2018 - Events Laramie - 2018

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