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kidOYO: Spring 2019 @ Stony Brook University

kidOYO: Spring 2019 @ Stony Brook University   Code Conquest - Creative Computing  Open:Hack   ~ Students Must Be 9 y/o as of April 1st, 2019 to Register for  this Live Program~  [  Sundays: March 31st - May 12th ]  [ Event Dates: 3/31, 4/7, 4/14, 4/28, 5/5, 5/12 ] [ 10:30pm - 3:30pm ] Open:Hack ++ THIS PROGRAM REQUIRES A LAPTOP ++ At kidOYO, coding is an act of functional creative literacy that brings real-world production-skills to young people by engaging a method-driven process of learning with direct application. Students who work with us to advance their skill-based interests do so using methods that our mentors use in producing real-world software. Our platform at provisions real tools, curriculum for preK - 12th grade AP Comp Sci classes and beyond, and certified mentor feedback from professional/ University mentors engaging student work in language-based lessons + challenges.

At kidOYO, our focus in on giving students access to skills they may use in any creative or academic pursuit they choose for themselves, on any platform, using any language of value in any open source or corporate ecosystem they value. We love open source software, and we use and contribute to its creation. We help kids build skills to publish their own ideas in Google's Play Store AND Apple's App Store. We work with Linux, Windows, Mac & iOS tools. We build language literacy aimed at real-world skill development outcomes, and we bring meaningful play to life in our classrooms by engaging the authentic personal imagination of students. Programming languages are created to achieve specific capabilities. We are not interested in just teaching Java to everyone, regardless of it being used in robotics competitions and AP CS A testing.
We are not interested in using "kiddie methods" getting kids playing with consumer apps so that one day they can realize that you can't really produce their own outcomes when confined to a consumer device-driven method. We do not exist to sell plastic toys you can "code", or pretend that kids are doing something valuable by watching 3D printers print. As parents evaluating methods, more is required. Instead, we are raising the bar on what education is capable of by helping self-led learners understand how to better navigate their own creative personal learning pathways. We are providing kids with learning resources and tools that build real-world skills and outcomes under their own control. We are helping kids understand the inner-dialogue of "Failing Forward" through iterative efforts and productive attitudes of so much value to creative thinkers and doers.
We are making math move by getting 8+ year old kids playing with trigonometry, geometry, algebra and more. We are exploring art and its utility to telling better stories in science, or giving data better form for human interaction. We are helping young people evaluate the app-based relationships they build with their data and identity, so they can navigate a digital landscape with functional integrity and personal security. Our goal at kidOYO is to help kids learn how to function as independent learners, and to build production-skills for the real world that will put them on a trajectory to compete with personal capabilities. While jobs may go away due to technical innovations, people with creative-empathetic thinking skills will always have value. Coding allows you to conceptualize "value" as you see it, and to put it in motion and give it operational integrity so you can accomplish personal strategic objectives.
No matter whether you are a doctor, a data scientist, a teacher, a marine biologist, or any other role in Society, learning to code at kidOYO will put you on track to self-determine how you participate in your future. We are not all having the same experience. At kidOYO, our objective is to make sure that the kids, families and schools we work with understand what that means, and are given the opportunity to learn on their terms. Functional literacy is method-driven, and methods matter when evaluating results. AP test scores, University GPA's, and non-functional degrees will not impact the future of work as they once did, where a lifetime of learning is required. Instead, invest in creative skills and knowledge development that you self-lead, self-provision, and can personally demonstrate upon request.

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