John T. Prather's The Nephilum Virus

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John T. Prather

About the author and book: Memphian John T. Prather, accustomed to leading clients down paths toward better health and fitness now leads readers down a more spellbinding, apocalyptic journey. Prather, a native Memphian known to many clients as a personal trainer has now infused the same adrenaline from his workout into his first novel, The Nephilim Virus, a hair-raising plot in which an ancient virus threatens the extinction of the human race. Prather, a graduate of the University of Memphis, grew up in the River City along with seven siblings. As an adult he and his brothers turned to fitness. He focused on weight training, also becoming a model, actor and personal trainer. In 2010 he abandoned a steady diet of Memphis barbecue to try his hand in the cut-throat entertainment industry of Los Angeles, where he has also pursued his lifelong ambition to write.

The grind of L.A. did yield results, especially in fitness modeling. He became featured within the pages of People Magazine, GQ, Men’s Health and Muscle and Fitness. Modeling and acting have also yielded many print ads and television commercials where he found himself working with such actors as Kevin Dillon and Nick Jonas. In Los Angeles he met his wife, Mindi, while on a rural group mission trip in Brazil. Since marriage, the two have also undertaken a challenging personal mission trip to the Omo Valley of Ethiopia. The couple now serve as foster parents, and also have twins of their own on the way. In his first novel, Prather interweaves history, science, and the Bible to create a post-apocalyptic tale that is as plausible as it is exciting. The story describes how an ancient virus from biblical times changes people’s blood, turning them into either incredibly intelligent super-humans or indestructible animalistic creatures.

The virus is traced through history, all the way back to where a Nephilim race is mentioned in Genesis 6 of the Old Testament. All sorts of philosophies and conspiracy theories have arisen regarding this secretive clan mentioned in scripture, including everything from a tribe of giants to visiting aliens. All these threads fuse seamlessly, as if The Nephilim Virus finally answers questions our vampire myths and zombie stories have tried to answer for centuries. One of his first endorsements came from fellow actor Megan Fox, known for her roles in Transformers and Jennifer’s Body. “This book would make a great movie. ” she says. “It’s a cohesive, fun ride through some of my most beloved topics - science, the supernatural, and the apocalypse.” Jeff Dixon, bestselling author of the Dixon on Disney series wrote, “Each page is an adrenaline-infused adventure that will leave you breathless, as each paragraph is another jolt moving you toward the heart-pounding conclusion.

Blending biblical history with modern high-tech thrills, John Prather emerges as a master storyteller with a tale that you won’t be able to read fast enough. The Nephilim Virus is infectious and the only cure is to read this amazing story.” John got his love of storytelling from his grandfather, who taught him the art of capturing the imagination. “I’ve been fascinated with these biblical beings since I was young,” says Prather. “Books have been written about the Nephilim, and there are lots of theories about them, but it’s interesting to me how little we actually know about them. As a novelist it was fun to be able to use my imagination to fill in some of the blanks and create a story about this obscure race. I really enjoyed reading and researching what we do know about them and then tracing them though history, weaving them into a present-day story.” .

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