JB's 48 Hour Star Wars Marathon for Charity

AtCentreville, VA, United States
CountyBibb (AL1003)
Centreville, VA, United States
Bibb (AL1003)
Tel 2017-12-08
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Aright peeps. It's Time. It is my pleasure to announce for 48 hours straight I will be hosting a Star Wars Game & Watch The Movies marathon. All proceeds will goes towards INOVA Children's Hospital This is how it will work: There will be Three (3) rooms: Movie Room: Showing nonstop for 48 hours is all the Star Wars movies, TV series, made for TV specials (Yes including Star Wars Holiday Special). They will be shown in "chronological flashback order". - Details below Game Room: My game room includes a custom made board game table and a couple modern TVs and retro CRTs and a wide range of video games systems so anyone or any group can play just about any game they wish. - Details below Silent Auction: I will be auctioning off some of my beloved Star Wars action figures and other various merch I have collected over the years.

Please Note: This is a free BYOB event for my friends but a donation bucket will be available for those who wish to donate to INOVA Children's Hospital ---- FAQ ---- Question: What the hell is "Chronological flashback order" Answer: Movies are shown in standard chronological order but with a twist. Episode I,II,III serve as a "Flashback between V and VI.

I'm sure we can stop in at sometime during this event.
Is this Friday or Saturday?

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