Jay and Silent Bob Get Old in Pueblo, CO

Addresse1 City Hall Pl
AtPueblo, CO Memorial Hall
CountyPueblo (CO1266)
1 City Hall Pl
Pueblo, CO Memorial Hall
Pueblo (CO1266)
Tel 2017-12-08
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Jay and Silent Bob Get Old in Pueblo, CO

The hilarious duo Jay & Silent Bob are back. Film icons Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes made history and fans all over the world with the characters Jay & Silent Bob from the movies Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks 2. Now you can see them live recording their comedy podcast Jay & Silent Bob Get Old. Ranked #1 on iTunes Comedy podcasts, Jay & Silent Bob Get Old is a sometimes touching, always hilarious look at what happens when two people grow up in Hollywood’s gaze. These limited engagements will be recorded as the stories evolve live in front of the audience, and released for free on Smodcast.com. This is what fans everywhere have been waiting for - an opportunity to see their heroes on stage doing what they love, telling stories.

Jay Mewes. If you see this, we met a bunch of times while you were staying in Momouth NJ. You knew my brother Evan and I was just getting back from Iraq. 2004. I was also good friends withSpoonauer. We attended high school together. If you guys see this post or anyone know how to get to them. Be cool.
I find it ironic, that after all those years of being in Hollywood, I never got to meet you or ask you if a few story-lines would work, yet I move to this area, and this is the best chance I have ever had. A friend was Jay's assistant once, but I could never bother her, as much as I wanted to :)
I got my tickets and am psyched to be in attendance. Is this an "Evening withSmith" or "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old"? I ask because it's advertised on here as "Evening with" but when you buy tickets it says "Jay and Bob Get Old".
Can’t wait.

Bought tickets as a birthday present for my luv and the event is just a few days after my birthday. Big fans. Super excited. ❤️❤️❤️
Damn you. I got Denver tickets because Mewes is going to be at that show...I live in Pueblo. Balls. It's cool though.
Check me out on Instagram. @farmertypoerror if you want any smoke while in pueblo, is be honored to hook you up.
Bringmewes also bring jay and silent bob get old show to pueblo co...
might wanna change venues, Pueblo is a crap-hole But good luck to you sir
Out here promoting flyers for the show in pueblo... 1 week...

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