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Intuitive Development Workshop

Intuitive DevelopmentL.E.V.I. 101:  The Foundation. Bonus:  "Conscious" Manifesting "Psychic and intuitive abilities, like the ability to give spiritual healing, should not be regarded as the gift of the few – they are the birthright of everyone on Earth. These abilities are latent within us all – and intuition and psychic development can occur through spiritual practices, such as yoga breathing and mantra, and by various forms of service to others, such as prayer and spiritual healing." (The Aetherius Society) The beautiful thing about love, energy, vibration & intuition (L.E.V.I.)?  It is the birthright of every soul who walks this planet (and elsewhere in the cosmos).  YOU are spirit. You are energy.  You vibrate and intuition is innate.  You only need to tap in.

   Although psychics, mediums and other intuitives provide a worthwhile service to those who are seeking validation "from the other side", these abilities are not gifts - they are part of YOUR soul DNA.  You can connect with loved ones, Angels, & spirit guides.  You can intuitively "read the room", manifest your heart's desires & even predict who's on the other end the line (before you see the caller ID).   Knowledge is power & practice makes perfect.   This full-day workshop will provide you with an in-depth manual, group practice, loads of practical exercise to continue with after the course and a clear understanding of "conscious manifesting".      Sample Course Topics from L.E.V.I. 101 - The Foundation: The Angelic Realm Ho'opono'pono Methods for Releasing Old Beliefs & Patterns Mindfulness Grounding & Protecting Energetic Cords Methods for Quickly Raising Your Vibration Chakras Crystals Angel Tarot & Other Oracle Decks Pendulums & Other Dowsing Tools Animal Medicine Are you an Empath? Channelling the Angelic Realm & Ascended Masters Conscious Manifesting .
And so much more.    .

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