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Intermediate Leadership with Jim Wiltens

To Succeed, You Need To Exceed Being Average Our single ticket entitles you and your 5th or 6th grade student to attend a 4-part series of sessions from 6:30-8:30pm at a Central Middle School in San Carlos, on the following dates: (You and your child must have attended Jim's beginning Leadership class to attend the Intermediate series-no exceptions). Thursday January 30th,  Central Middle School Thursday February 6th, Central Middle School Tuesday February 13th,  Central Middle School Tuesday February 27th, Central Middle School "My 6th grade son and I attended Jim Wilten's leadership training course last year. It was incredible. We both really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Jim was able to connect with the kids in a fun way and teach them many skills that will help them for life.

 I also loved the way Jim involves both the parents and the kids in the leadership development program.  I'm excited to bring Jim to San Carlos again this year to work his magic.  I hope you will join us. "     -  Carolina Moretti A bit more detail about Jim's Beginning Leadership program... As a graduate of the Leadership Advantage: Beginner series, your students know that true leaders first learn to lead themselves. They also know how to turn goals into reality, how to power praise others, and how to walk away from the T’NACI monster. They are now eligible for the next level, The Leadership Advantage: Intermediate series. This is the next step for students who are developing the character-enhancing skills they need to lead themselves. Building on the foundation laid in the beginner series, this intermediate program takes students up the leadership ladder.
Topics covered in this program include: How to build an optimistic personality Developing your emotional intelligence Playing the “solution game” Advanced star chart goal-setting practice The fastest way to change your behavior––Positactics The Leadership Advantage is based on the concept that true leaders first learn to lead themselves. When you can build your own life in positive ways, then you are on the path towards helping guide others. As with the foundation laying beginner series, the intermediate series is filled with interaction, laughter, stories, puppets, magic, games, and surprises..

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