How do you Overcome The Money Blocks that stop you from making the money you want?

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How do you Overcome The Money Blocks that stop you from making the money you want?

How do you know if you have money blocks? What’s a Money Block Anyway? A money block is “anything that holds you back from making the money you want”. The concept of money blocks may seem bizarre,right? Why wouldn’t you want to make more money? Don't think you have any money blocks? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, “Trust me. You have them.” Why am I so sure of that? Because everyone does. I don’t know a single person – no matter how successful she or he is – who doesn’t still deal with some form of money blocks.  When we fail to manifest abundance, the most common reason is that we’re unknowingly sabotaging our own intentions. This is usually caused by an underlying belief or fear about money, we may not even be aware of it.  Do you want to manifest more financial abundance in your life? Feeling blocked or conflicted about money and you don’t know why? Don't miss this workshop.

When you attend you will learn how to Identify the money blocks that are keeping YOU from making the money you want Gain awareness of where your money blocks come from Clear Your Money Blocks  Tickets are going. REGISTER NOW. Don't keep this a secret, bring your friends, family, colleagues. Give them the opportunity to become stronger and learn with you. See you on THURSDAY MAY 23, 2019. I wish for you to live your best life.   To Your Success. Bernadette McBurnie Success Coach. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Bernadette's SUCCESS COACHING With her holistic approach to success and her INTEGRATED SUCCESS methodology, Bernadette's clients acquire a deep understanding of how to focus on the essential, how to identify, manage and overcome challenges, and how to create victories, big and small, while enjoying the journey of personal and professional growth.
Visit and learn more about Bernadette's Success Coaching, and Programs and Courses. Bernadette's background and experience: 16 years Coaching and Mentoring 19 years as a Entrepreneur running an International Health Network from home Stay-at-home Mom 16 years in Corporate Management with large multinational corporations in the Cosmetic and Banking sector, and an international career in Europe, Asia and North America #Womeninbusiness #Entrepreneur #PersonalGrowth #SmallBusiness #WorkingMoms #LifeinBalance #Professional.

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