Help Salma get into RAW showcase!

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Mixx 360
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Help Salma get into RAW showcase!

Friends and Family. I've recently been contacted by RAW Artists Boston to participate in their events for local artitsts. In order to keep my spot in the show and be able to present my photography I need to sell tickets for the show. That's where you all come in. If you think this is a cool event to attend, or if you want to just support me even if you cant attend then purchase a ticket here I'll be offering free headshots for those of you who have purchased a ticket. So if you need a new profile picture I'm your girl. DEADLINE TO PURCHASE TICKETS IS OCTOBER 12. Thank you all.

Hey everyone. Sold the 6th ticket today. There's 12 of you that say your going so far so I should have a lot more then 6 tickets sold.

If you can't make it or your going to be out of the state you can still purchase a ticket through my link to ensure I get my spot on the show. Also if you do purchase a ticket I will owe you a free headshot. So if you need a new Linkdin or Facebook profile picture you know what to do.
Salam Aleykum Salma Salmaa I wish you all the best for this event - here my little contribution and support from overseas Still I think the photo shoot we did together was one of the most entertaining days in the US

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