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Healthcare COPE Resource Leader Registration | Civic Canopy

Are you ready for a life-changing experience? One in five children in America live at or below the poverty line.​ These numbers should disturb us, yet statistics can have a numbing effect. The Cost of Poverty Experience offers an opportunity to gain a glimpse into the lives of families in our communities who face poverty everyday. There is a growing awareness within the health sector that social factors associated with poverty such as income, education, and location are strong determinants of health. ​ Through the sponsorship of The Root Cause Coalition, Think Tank developed the Healthcare Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE). Healthcare leaders across the nation use COPE to work more effectively with low-income families. This is because the experiential nature of this training helps organizations and communities more deeply understand the complexities of poverty, paving the way to address the issues more comprehensively.

The COPE is a learning experience designed to reflect the impacts of health disparities on families, neighborhoods, organizations and the healthcare system. The experience incorporates social determinants of health such as hunger, housing instability, inadequate transportation, and social isolation..

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