Harris High School All That Attended Reunion

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Harris High School All That Attended Reunion

All classes reunion if you attended Harris High School we would like for you to attend. Friday night the 20th we will go to a football game and all sit in the group there then Saturday afternoon we plan on touring the Harris High School and then Saturday night we will gather either at the Moose Lodge or the Golf Course. We have not decided on that yet. I need help and we are going to be meeting July 15th at 12 at DT"S downtown in the old Belks; so if you can attend and help we would appreciate it. Please let me know if you can be at DT's on July 15th to help me and Chad Young, Deborah Blankenship McKinney, and Jack Grindstaff organize this. I know there was someone that said they would get the Harris High School reserved for us Saturday afternoon but I can't remember who told me that because the other event that I accidentally deleted.

More details to follow please click on the link if you're going to go to the reunion in October that says you're going and if you can help us out July 15 please PM me that you will meet us on July 15th at 12:00. We need to get jiggy with it.

Saturday July 15th we are meeting at DT's on lower street at 12:00. I need help with organizing this reunion it would be really nice to get two people from each class that went to Harris High School to help us. Please let me know if you can attend I really need help so far I have Chad Young,Blankenship McKinney, and Jack Grindstaff. We got to get this organized so come on y'all let me know if you can help me with this and whoever told me that they would arrange for a walkthrough of Harris please let me know if you've got that arranged and if you can attend okay y'all Let's Get Jiggy With It come on I need some help please please please.

Jack Grindstaff has talked with them at the Moose Lodge and also at the golf course and we will discuss our options on July 15th so far I have helping me Chad young class of 1973,Blankenship McKinney class of 1973, Jack Grindstaff class of 1972. I need more help with the other classes we need to contact people that are not on Facebook so I need help please please please plan on meeting me at noon July 15th please PM me and let me know you will be there they will be a festival that weekend that we can all go to after our meeting that'll be a lot of fun hope to talk to you all soon.
Due to lack of Interest we are rescheduling this for next year we will start our meetings in January. Chad Young and I have been doing reunions for the last several years and this is the least amount of people...


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