Harnessing Your Creative Genius

Addresse40 Stutz Bearcat Dr. 2b &3b
AtThe Place In Sedona
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40 Stutz Bearcat Dr. 2b &3b
The Place In Sedona
Yavapai (AZ1155)
Tel 2017-12-12
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Harnessing Your Creative Genius

Harnessing Your Creative Genius is a 6 week course designed and hosted by Allison Eyholt. The purpose of this course is to awaken and integrate the creative genius within all of us. The course will give participants a solid foundation, outlet and community network for an abundant and sustained creative practice for the enrichment of both the everyday and spiritual aspects of life. Ultimately, this course combines a variety of teachings in the arts and sciences to heal blockages to the inner artistic genius, connect one another in the creative process and empower students to achieve their creative projects of choice. Participant notes: - This session is a course, however Allison will have some handouts for the projects and one may catch up on some of the sessions by doing projects at home if they join late or miss a session.

- The Place In Sedona opperates on a desire/need to participate DONATION basis (plus any materials fees when applicable). At the end of the session you may ask yourself "how much it was worth" and donate according to your budget and we do appreciate your mindfully honoring the donation amount suggested by the presenter when possible. - The Place In Sedona is located above the "Frame shop" and there are wooden stairs that are outside the building that lead to our deck area and there you will find the door to unit 3B.

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