Hangar 18 - Full Contact Horror Simulation

AddresseCharles Lindbergh Blvd
CityGarden City
AtCradle of Aviation Museum
CountyCullman (AL1021)
Charles Lindbergh Blvd
Garden City
Cradle of Aviation Museum
Cullman (AL1021)
Tel 2017-10-28
Categoria Events
Hangar 18 - Full Contact Horror Simulation

Hangar 18 is a psychological evaluation center where you are put through rigorous and unethical tests. Physical aptitude and mental states will be tested. Only the strong of mind and body will be capable of enduring what the employees will throw at you. If you are lucky, you might just survive. Hangar 18 exists in myth for most. It was created for an elite special forces team but was decommissioned when the man in charge went insane. THIS IS NOT A HAUNTED HOUSE. Hangar 18 is a FULL CONTACT HORROR SIMULATION. This means if you ever wanted to walk into a defunct training facility and test yourself as well as your teammates this is the event for you. HANGAR 18 is FULL CONTACT meaning the actors can touch you. Guests will be subject to the following actions: Your hands will be bound You will be blindfolded You will go into the hangar in groups of 4 You will be pushed physically to your limits You will experience rancid smells and disgusting scenarios You will be subject to disturbing images and video footage You will crawl through claustrophobic spaces You will be separated from your group You MUST sign a WAIVER Your team will be given a score card if you can make it to the end You will be afraid YOU MUST BE 18 TO ENTER ‚Äč

"Hangar 18 is a psycologial rollercoaster pushing you to the edge and letting go of your hand." #Extreme #Simulation #Horror #Hangar18 #EliteTeam
Leanne DeMay Natalie Demauro Rachel Twomey Rachel Brown-McLoughlin guys lets do this
60,000 Square Feet Of Torture And Endurance.

Can You Make It?.
I'd love to go but I've got a show that night...break legs.
Wow, this is nuts. Love it.

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