Handstand and Acrobatic Dance Workshops w/ Mary Jane Schroeder!

Addresse4770 San Pablo Ave, Ste E
AtAthletic Playground
CountyAlameda (CA1157)
4770 San Pablo Ave, Ste E
Athletic Playground
Alameda (CA1157)
Tel 2018-01-06
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Handstand and Acrobatic Dance Workshops w/ Mary Jane Schroeder!

Mary Jane Schroeder is back in town, and we're excited to have her teaching THREE workshops at Athletic Playground in January. Join her upside-down. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. CREATIVE HANDSTANDS: Sat. January 8 - 4-6pm pre-requisite: minimum 30-60 second freestanding handstand This class is a creative exploration of the inverted body. We’re going to break symmetry, invent new ways of entering and exiting our balances, and develop techniques for arriving in a static balance from a dynamic movement. We will continue to refine our handstand technique in order to push past the limits of the tuck, pike, and straddle. We will cap attendance at 10 students. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.

ACROBATIC DANCE: Sun. January 7 - 4-6pm In this class we will work on minimizing effort and maximizing efficiency of movement in acrobatics. We will learn a variety of acrobatic sequences designed to break out of habitual ways of moving. There will be a strong focus on using the floor intelligently to absorb the weight of the body and gain more control over quality of movement. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. BREAKING PAST PLATEAUS IN HANDSTANDS: Mon. January 8 - 12-3pm This is a bootcamp technique class for people who can already hold a straight handstand position (against the wall) for 30 seconds. You can expect a hardcore physical and mental workout designed to break your regular rhythm of training and push you to the next level.

Students will leave the workshop with an individualized training plan designed to help them reach their goals more quickly and with less frustration. Please bring a notebook and something to write with. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pricing: Pricing for each 2 hour workshop: $40 ($35 for members) Pricing for the 3 hour workshop: $50 ($45 for members) 20% off by December 28th Sign up at https://tinyurl.com/y7v2xsx3

Yay. This creative HS workshop she taught last year was my favorite HS workshop of the year.
Shoot why is the HS class I can do when I have to go back to work.

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