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Halloween Hill House Manor Ghost Hunt, Gainesville TX

Book Here: https://www.hauntedrooms.com/product/hill-house-manor-ghost-hunt-gainesville-tx-saturday-september-15th-2018-copy Come and join us for a ghost hunt investigation at this local legend of a home located in Gainesville TX. Hill House Manor looks just like an ordinary house from the outside, but on the inside, you’d be amazed at just how big it is, and what kind of paranormal activity occurs here. RECENT EXPERIENCES Caretakers have come and gone, the latest caretakers of the property had reported waking up in the middle of the night to an apparition standing at the foot of their bed. They also reported hearing disembodied voices in the same room, and elsewhere in the property, as well as things going missing that had just been put down in a certain spot. Their children told them tales of the ghosts they had made friends within the house, maybe a figment of their imaginations being kids you’d think, but the apparent spirits took a shine to their baby… On one particular night, their baby was crying and unseen hands began to rock the baby’s crib.

FURTHER HAPPENINGS Hill House Manor was built in the early to mid 1800′s. It has been everything from a bordello, speakeasy, to even small apartments. The current owner, Linda Hill, previously tried renting it out as small apartments, but everyone seemed to break their lease in a matter of months. From that moment on, she figured there was something wrong with the house, so she started renting it out to paranormal investigators for overnight investigations, and events of all types. Linda was also featured in a recent episode of My Ghost Story on A&E talking about the Manor, and her experiences while owning the house. There isn’t any confirmed history of this, but rumor has it that a man was murdered in one of the downstairs areas, nicknamed “The Dead Area”, oddly enough simply because no electricity runs through that part of the house.

There is a room within “The Dead Area” known as “The Murder Room” which is where this man was killed. Again, it’s rumored that a man got into a fight during its bordello days over a lady of the night, one man killing the other. In the upstairs area, there is a room nicknamed “The Fireplace Room”, simply because it has a decorative fireplace in it. This is where most investigators experience the most activity. This was one of the rooms where men would be “served” during the bordello days. Many investigators capture “X-Rated EVP’s” in this room. Which, oddly, is a favorite room for most men, simply because they use themselves as trigger objects, allowing any female spirits to touch them, in hopes of “serving” them. Across the way, is the upstairs kitchen area.

This was where I was told that a “Grumpy Old Man” haunts, or also known as “The Cowboy”. I had an experience with him the first time we investigated there. It’s rumored that he does not like a woman, any woman who goes in that area. Many women have been attacked in some way in this area. I have talked to some stating that they were scratched in this area, others just became ill, and had to leave that part of the house. Across a small hallway, there is a room called “The Windows Room”. This room has back to back windows all the way across the walls. It’s a very large room. In this room, a lot of people experience a spirit of a Cat. Although, many experience this cat throughout the entire house, not just in this part of it. Our team has captured this cat’s meows on several different occasions.

A few of our members have even had their leg brushed by what they say felt like a cat rubbing up against them. Let’s not forget the children spirits that are said to roam the halls of Hill House Manor. We know of at least two children; A boy named Charlie, and a little girl. There is a small area of the upstairs area that is for the children spirits. There is a setup dollhouse, along with a few other toys to be used as trigger objects. There is also rumored to be at least two portals within the house. One is very easy to notice. If you stand directly “on top” of it, there is a different feeling than if you step a few feet away from it. One is in “The Dead Area”, one is said to be upstairs, in “The Fireplace Room”, in the closet. Depending on who you ask, depends on opinions on the portals.

So, needless to say, Hill House Manor is a place that all Paranormal Investigators need to investigate. Our team never leaves empty handed there. The entire house is a huge EVP magnet. And the feeling of each room is totally different from one another. WHAT'S INCLUDED? Introductions Paranormal investigation class A full night of ghost hunting with the team Full access to the house Use of our equipment which includes, dowsing rods, trigger objects, and EMF Meters, Free time to investigate for as long into the night as you want. Psychic in attendance Snacks and drinks provided all night. Are you brave enough to investigate at this unique and very active haunted location? Book now to avoid disappointment. Under 18’s need to be accompanied by an adult. No alcohol is allowed and anybody under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be asked to leave and their booking fees lost.

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