Half Dome Experience

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Yosemite National Park
Half Dome, Yosemite National Park
Mariposa (CA1178)
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Half Dome Experience

OPEN THOUGHTS: DO NOT REQUEST OFF WORK UNTIL WE HAVE A CONFIRMED GROUP AND PERMITS.(Also mercy of the weather conditions) In this event, I will gather all the resources needed to prepare for Half Dome. So far it looks like our latest day to do this is Oct 10th. We need the cables to be available on the day we get permits to actually get up half dome itself. The information says the cables come down after Oct 10th. (Permits are only good for one day) PLANNING THE DATE: The last weekend to do this is the dates of this event itself. Whoever is interested, we can always change the dates and decide together. This is a 3 day trip, driving on the first and third days. Half dome will be on the second day, early morning. It will take us all day depending on our group speed and breaks.

No need to worry if you are slow, we will start together and finish together. IT IS NOT A RACE, we do need to return by sunset though. we will not be camping and need to drive back to our hotel. nearest hotel im thinking in Oakhurst, which last time took me an hour and half from yosemite. So we have 10-12 hours of hiking, PLUS 3 hours of driving to and from hotel. We are looking at an estimated 15 hour day roughly. On this current dates, you will need to request the friday off 10/6/17 and we will utilize the weekend for the remainder of the trip. Back to regular life for Monday. HIKING DAY: We need to sleep early PM, wake early AM. We will need an hour and half to drive to yosemite (based on hotel in Oakhurst). We can leave hotel at 4AM, we will get to yosemite by 6.

This gives us 12 hours of hiking to be done by 6pm...well before sunset. Typical time is 10-12 hours to finish this 14 mile round-trip. WEATHER EXPECTATIONS: I will watch the weather, you can watch it with me also here: https://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Half-Dome/forecasts/2695 IF WEATHER IS BAD, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO UNTIL NEXT OPEN SEASON. no worries, we just have to wait a little bit, life is more important than climbing a mountain in possible snowy/icy weather. Current temps are LOW 50's and HIGH 30's. Freezing temp is not reached thus far. DO NOT REQUEST OFF WORK UNTIL WE HAVE A CONFIRMED GROUP AND PERMITS Info on the hike Itself: https://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/halfdome.htm Video of what to expect: https://www.nps.gov/media/video/view.htm?id=F891355F-F836-4D0A-7305CFA1E09D497A Permit information: https://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/hdpermits.htm DO NOT REQUEST OFF WORK UNTIL WE HAVE A CONFIRMED GROUP AND PERMITS More info will be added as it is found or notified to my attention.

"Thank you for coming if you do and lets have a safe and fun adventure". -Caleb

so im thinking we will need to wait til next season for this. Its too short notice for everyone so far. Let me know if any of you are interested.
Read details for the info I have gathered so far, Thanks. All input is welcome.
so I changed the date to next year. lets plan it.

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