Gymkhana Team Challenge

Addresse1000 S 3rd St
AtChowchilla-Madera County Fair
CountyMadera (CA1176)
1000 S 3rd St
Chowchilla-Madera County Fair
Madera (CA1176)
Tel 2017-12-16
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Gymkhana Team Challenge

Double J Ranch Gymkhana Team Challenge is a one day event. This will not be a series and this is a NON-CGA event. There will be 12 teams made up of 4 people in each team. Each team is required to have 4 riders and specify which division they are signing up for. Each rider MUST stay in their specified division or no points will be awarded. Points will be awarded as long as each rider stays within their division. There will be absolutely no sign-ups on the day of the show, every team MUST be pre-registered. 1 application per team, each rider entry fee is $50. Application and a total of $200 ($50 for each rider) must be turned in no later than December 2, 2017. This is meant to be a fun show, but we still must have some rules. Rules: - Every rider under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet - Attire: Boots are a must, Jeans, and a shirt.

Any hats are allowed, Tshirts are allowed, Belts are not required. We are allowing T-shirts, but please remember this is still a family event and your shirts must be appropriate, that includes the print on them. - Excesssive force against your horse will not be tolerated. - Teams must run in all 8 events in order to qualify for the awards. - All 4 riders must run in all 8 events. - There is absolutely NO ALCOHOL allowed during the event Events (Subject to change): - Single Stake - Figure 8 Stake - Poles 1 - Speed Barrels - Cloverleaf Barrels - Speedball - Big- T - Bi-Rangle

So we just realized that we have not posted the awards, so First place will receive $100, second will receive $75, and third will receive $50 for each Rider on each team.

First place will get a Buckle, and it is completely different than the first one. Everybody will receive a goodie bag. We are only going to run 7 events and we may start just a little bit later in the morning since it's going to be cold, but we will still be efficient so we can get done and get home.. The application is up, please get your teams together and get them sent in. They are due by December 2nd also if you want to be on a team and you're missing bodies let us know and we'll help you put a team together. Also come up with a team name and have fun with it. It's going to be great. If you have not rode here it is a covered Arena we have plenty of room to all stand and be out of the rain, just in case it does rain.
One thing I do ask if you guys could repost this in your areas and pass it along.

This is an independent event we are not tied into any specific group it is our own personal event that we run. So there are no membership fees or anything else it is a flat $50 per Rider and you need four Riders.
We are just trying to get the ball rolling on everything, Please make a note to watch dates. Apps are due no later than December 2, 2017. Events are not set yet and your group of 4 riders do not have to be in a certain division but they will have to signup for a...

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