Group Hypnosis for Weight Loss

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Group Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Given the popularity of the last weight loss series, I am going to continue with these as a way to encourage and create new habits for all as it relates to one’s weight loss journey. As many know consistency is key in creating new habits that are long lasting. Hypnosis can be a great tool for helping those lose weight and restoring their ideal physical health. This is not a magic pill that after a session you will 100 pounds lighter, but truly learning and creating new patterns that will make the changes you want to see. This class will focus on creating new habits and how to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle while giving you the motivation and hope you need to continue that success. If wanting a more personal experience, ask about our one-on-one sessions as we can address and tailor sessions to your needs.

Whether you have a hard time with sticking with it, eating when you’re bored, or choose unhealthy food options. A program can be tailored to your specific needs. Look forward to seeing everyone in this next class hypnosis class for weight loss. Please comment below what you find hardest in achieving your weight loss goals. This will help me gear the class to benefit the needs of all. Cost: $30 .

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