Group Crit at Workshop Workshop - October

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Group Crit at Workshop Workshop - October

Join us at Workshop Workshop with founder Alexis Tellefsen. Group Crits are monthly gatherings bringing together makers + collectors hosted by Stella Yoon of Hudson River Exchange. Join us to discuss the things you're thinking about creatively or about your small business. It'll be one part facilitated discussion in small + large groups (a la art school group critiques meets quick fire think tank) and one part getting to meet fellow creatives. We invite you to bring a question or something you're working on that you'd like group feedback on. It's not required but we do ask that you be open to participating in conversation, contributing support or sharing thoughts. We'll take some time to let people settle in and the group sessions start at 5:30pm.
Group Crit at Workshop Workshop - October Matamoras Pike thursday, october 17, 2019 - Events Matamoras 2019

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