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Grounding Workshop

In this grounding workshop, Valery will be teaching subtle, somatic movements to increase awareness of how you perceive your body from within. You will also have the opportunity to practice bio-energetic grounding exercises to bring prana, or life force into the root chakra. Through a series of movements, you will be activating every bit of the root chakra, from the feet to the pelvic floor. Blockages in the root chakra can leave you feeling stuck, anxious or fearful of taking the next step on your path towards walking in alignment with your authentic self and higher purpose. I firmly believe that for our planet and the human race to not only survive but to also thrive, each and everyone of us need to fully step into who we are, and to claim our space on this planet, our glorious Mother Earth.From a purely physical level, I have had students with plantar fasciitis, pelvic floor pain, incontinence, sciatica, and low back pain find relief from symptoms after doing grounding work.

If you have any of these issues, please know that yoga is not a replacement for regular healthcare, but rather a powerful companion to your self care. If you have any concerns, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before beginning any new activity. If you are brand new to yoga and totally inflexible, do not worry. The movements in this workshop are accessible and beginner-friendly. Those with extensive experience in yoga will find depth in the subtle movements and perhaps a new experience with bio-energetic grounding.The flow of the day will look as follows:10-11am:Introductions & IntentionsBlockages, Excessive & Deficient Characteristics of the Root ChakraCreating a group altar & planning a personal altar for home practice11am-1pm:Morning physical practice: Experience bio-energetic grounding, release and engage the muscles of the feet for support & stability, fascial and muscular release of the calves, hamstrings and quads,& a Guided Grounding Meditation.1-2pm: Lunch Break2-2:30:Emotional Challenges & historical trauma stored in the Root Chakra2:30-3:30pmAfternoon physical practice: Pelvic Floor awareness, activation, release, breath work, & standing poses3:30-4pmCreating a home practice & Closing CircleSuggested books to purchase prior to workshop:The Sevenfold Journey by Anodea Judith & Selene VegaChakra Yoga by Anodea Judith, PhDThese books are excellent companions to begin practicing yoga at home.
To bring with you:- Notebook & pen- Food for shared lunch- A crystal, stone, photo of nature for group altarMore details regarding food and items for altar will be sent to your email once you have signed up..

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