GORUCK Star Course - 50 Miler

AtDenver, CO, United States
CountyDelaware (NY2963)
Denver, CO, United States
Delaware (NY2963)
Tel 2018-08-31
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GORUCK Star Course - 50 Miler

A Presidential Special Forces Rucking Challenge In 1908, Teddy Roosevelt issued an executive order to members of the military, later echoed by JFK: “Do 50 miles in under 20 hours.” Pretty straightforward, eh? In JFK’s time it became a national craze, a challenge accepted by people of all walks of life despite claims in those days of the growing softness of the American people. Claims not too dissimilar to those levied these days. We believe those doubting the generations of today are looking in the wrong places, and we believe many of us are not only up to such a 50 Mile Challenge, but we’re starving for some way to push ourselves to those new limits, and beyond. Plus Some Special Forces Inspiration: The Star Course Rucking is the foundation of Special Forces training and the “Star Course” is the culminating rucking exercise of Special Forces Selection.

You show up with your ruck and you get a list of waypoints. You plot your route, then you start rucking: point to point, mile after mile. For a lot of miles. Echoing Teddy Roosevelt and JFK and adding in our own Special Forces inspiration, here’s a challenge for those of you who seek such things - The GORUCK 50-Miler Star Course: 50+ Miles Teams of 2-5 20 lb Ruck Plate on your back, it’s called rucking 20 hours to complete Finishers earn the GORUCK 50-Miler patch, which will never be for sale. Sign up here: https://bit.ly/2E8jzOy

If anybody is looking to put a team together, I am in.
Nickwhat do you guys think?
Dana Hollaus Campbell.
Say whaaaaat???

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