Girl of LaMancha

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Kent (DE1288)
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Girl of LaMancha

La Mancha Mall is overrun by costumed teenagers at the annual Cosplay Con.  But when a clumsy gamer bumps her head and assumes the character of Donna Quixote, the event takes on a whole new, hilarious twist.  Donna’s farcical, mixed-up adventures include obtaining “armor” from a sporting goods store, tilting a windmill at Harry Putter’s Magical Mini-Golf, enraging the wizard Gandaldore, having mock battles with pool noodles, and mistaking the food court busboy Alonzo for a magnificent nobleman.  Meanwhile, all-too-normal Simon Carrasco makes a bet with the Goth girl, Darkniss, that he can restore Donna to mundane reality.  Loaded with laughs, the play also promotes heartfelt messages about idealism and acceptance of others.  Students and audiences alike will cheer the misguided, madcap adventures of Donna Quixote.

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