Generational Healing™: Healing With Your Ancestors

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Generational Healing™: Healing With Your Ancestors

What if you learned that the pain in your back, your knee, the physical weight that you carry or the constant headaches are due to an ancestor's unhealed trauma that your genetics still carry? That would be a revolutionary breakthrough and a relief in understanding where the source of your physical, mental or emotional pain comes from.Every family holds pain, sadness, guilt, shame, and beliefs that don’t support the person you are today. Releasing these inherited patterns that are passed on generationally frees you to express and experience who you are now.YOUR ANCESTORS PAST EMOTIONAL PAIN IS STORED WITHIN YOUR DNAScientists now understand how the genetics of your ancestors affect your physical, emotional and mental behaviour and patterns. Trauma experienced by earlier generations can influence the structure of our genes, making them more likely to “switch on” negative responses to stress and trauma.Hormones and glands at any age can be affected by past abuse and trauma.

You inherit these genes from your ancestors, which can cause you to struggle emotionally or physically today with similar issues. Releasing these inherited densities that are passed on generationally will free you to express and experience who you are now.DETAILS FOR OUR GATHERINGIn this event, Certified Generational Healer™, Teacher and Spiritual Guide — Sarah Christine, will demonstrate the connection we all have to our ancestors with an overview and live demonstration on Generational Healing™. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to be selected to receive a Generational Healing™ as part of the demonstration. Feel the loving connection and presence of your ancestors. Reflect on your families' generational patterns and feel supported to heal them.
Listen to others' share their perspectives and common challenges. Learn how this healing can support you in your life. Learn how this work helps to evolve our species and planet. Begin to build a relationship with your ancestors and receive guidance. Watch Sarah Christine facilitate a live Generational Healing™. For questions regarding this gathering or to inquire about booking a private session please email directly at or by calling 480-788-8433. RSVP in advance to attend this demonstration or pay cash at the door. Sarah Christine is a Certified Generational Healer™, Teacher & Spiritual Guide. Trained and mentored by Deborah Skye King, Sarah completed a 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings Apprenticeship training and initiation that prepared her to do the work of Generational Healing™.
She lives in Sedona, Arizona. If you are a woman who feels called to be of service to the ancestors and our planet and would like to deepen your spiritual gifts, learn how you can become a Certified Generational Healer™ and attend a 7-day in-person training in Sedona in 2019. Book a consultation call here to learn more:

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