Game Knight at Factotum Brewhouse

Addresse3845 Lipan St
AtFactotum Brewhouse
CountyDelaware (NY2963)
3845 Lipan St
Factotum Brewhouse
Delaware (NY2963)
Tel 2017-10-11
Categoria Events
Game Knight at Factotum Brewhouse

Calling all Geeks. We're taking over Factotum Bewhouse for a night of drinking beer and playing games. Bring your favorite games to play, or try some of ours. We'll bring a selection of our favorite Card and Board Games for your enjoyment, including Munchkin, Flux, Heroes Wanted, Pandemic, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Tenzi, Superfight, Cards Against Humanity, Killer Bunnies, Exploding Kittens, and many more. (We'll be bringing our Magic: The Gathering cards too, if anyone wants to throw down, Planeswalker-style..) So, stop by.. Bring a friend.. Meet some new people... Play some games.. And please, Drink Up. Because Factotum wil be donating $1 to Game Knight for every one of their great in-house brews that you drink. There's no better way to support your favorite up-and-coming geek bar.

Today is the day to get your drink and your game on. Come out and enjoy a tastey Factotum Brewhouse pint or two along with a game and some fun, friendly people. What better way to end hump day? T-minus less than an hour. Why are you just sitting there reading this post? Go on. Get to gettin'.
Of course, I didn't plan well and I can't make it tonight. We're leaving for WI tomorrow which means I have to pack everyone's bags tonight. Have fun for me and play something that is not Werewolf, Codenames, Cards Against Humanity, or Joking Hazard. K THX LUV U.
Can't make it this week because I'm packing up and didn't get enough done beforehand. But I will see you all tomorrow for a round of smallworld.

Want to come.. but I am working on my halloween costume and washing my hair tonight. Yah.. I know, I sound lame. See you mañana.
We will be at Factotum Wednesday. Enjoy the beginning of your holiday by coming out and playing some games.
Can't go cause I have Aspen... but we will definitely be there tomorrow.
Game Knight just got an upgrade... "Equip Factotum 'Brew-Buster'. "
Reyes and I aren't going to make it. Have fun and drink one for us.
Goldie's food truck will be here with tasty eats tonight.

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