Fun with Vinyasa with Greg Geiger

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Fun with Vinyasa with Greg Geiger

Cost: $22 if purchased by April 2; $27 thereafter. (Easton Yoga Members $19.80; $24.30) Vinyasas are an essential part of yoga flow class. But, how often are they done simply out of habit? Instead think of Vinyasas as an opportunity to make any class uniquely your own. A change for a little play and creativity. To shift the focus of your practice to what you need most. No matter if that is to add new challenge, such as a little “flying” or to slow down and provide more space and breath in your practice. In this workshop we will try and test ourselves in a wide range of options for making each vinyasa your own. We’ll learn some steps to build up to fun elements, like arm balance, inversions, floating and flying to the flow. All levels welcome, come, experiment and laugh.

Only one week away.

Small tip came up in class today. When flowing in to wild thing or another side plank variation move the support hand forward slightly. About one hand length. Makes better angle for the arm relative to the body. Prevent that crunched up feeling in the shoulder.

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